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Sally's Hope Chest

My Poetry continued........

My Poetry
My Poetry continued........
After Thoughts
Who Sally Was
The Hospital Room

A Prayer


Heavenly Father to you I pray


give me strength throughout the day


by your grace throughout the week


to attain the inheritance of the meek


when I fall, to you I'll go


and with your guidance I will grow


your beacon shines to all who seek


who fall, who stumble and are weak


that's me, you see


I know you know


I pray, you hear


you gently show


your strength is mine


when mine is weak

The Butterfly


The butterfly rose in the morning sun


anxious to tell everyone


tasting the nectar


spreading the seed


inspring all with wonderful deeds


whispering gently for all to hear


the time has come, love is near


settle down those restless wings


watch the unfolding


of the eternal Spring


A Walk


I took a walk with the stars tonight


hoping we shared the heavenly sight


our thoughts are mingled with the stars


our hopes, our dreams from afar


the brightest one I hold for you


the sweetest dreams can come true


my thoughts for you there will be


In that sky for eternity

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