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Sally's Hope Chest
My Poetry
My Poetry
My Poetry continued........
After Thoughts
Who Sally Was
The Hospital Room

My Attempts at Poetry 

To my beloved wife


All the love Ive ever known


yours alone, yours alone


freedom came hours spent


crying weeping wishes sent


my love is lost in the time


I spend alone without you


All the love Ive ever known


he took you home, he took you home


I wonder now at his abounding grace


To see the love in his face


humbled now by his love


how you smile from above


at those who long to be free


from the pain and misery


the lessons to be learned





Fields of Dreams



Through fields of dreams


I like to roam


another place to call home


familiar faces I often see


leading to places I long to be


In fields of dreams


we like to gather


surreal scenes


unearthly matters


To fields of dreams


I need to go


to reconcile the daily foe


By fields of dreams


I hope to find


The blessed kindness


Of Gods sweet mind

When Death Came

The soul rejects

the bones connect

to quaking of the mind

heart bursts with bitter blood

the conscious loses time

nowhere to fall

all senses numbed

matter undefined

the aberrated spirit joins

the journey of all mankind

Brittany found this poem in her scrap book.     
I wrote it when we made the decision to cease 
life support:                                                     
I wish I knew the reason why
pain exists and we must cry   
the  pain I feel it sometimes seems
exceeds the joy in what it means
pain of losing someone so dear   
exposes the heart to so much wear
a heavy heart must now decide     
to let her go to the other side      
the sounds of machines now replace
that beautiful voice and happy face
pain is heavy and laughter light    
pain is dark and joy is bright      
a broken heart can never mend   
a happy heart is forced to end      

Those Mortal Foes
Those mortal foes
that come and go
like robbers to the blind
Our one defence
In God we trust to find
He gives us hope
He gave us love
so cherished, so divine
that when I die
those mortal foes
will all be left behind

Bitter Space

Bitter space


hollow broken mind


isolated shell disposed


darkness true defined


to reap the loss of broken dreams


in its curse I hope to find


that gentle place to receive his grace


no souls be left behind


that bitter space, it marks the place


for warriors of the mind


to show the world


the truth of love


all sorrows left behind